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Music Retail Landing Pages from Metablocks like Linkfire or Smarturl but better

Music and Book Widgets

Our Metablocks Widgets allow music labels and artists, book publishers and even service providers to create retail link pages, marketing micro-sites and e-commerce activations using Lego-like plug and play features and functionality. These “components” provide retail linking found in a growing number of “retail link page” products, but raises the bar by adding “application level” services such as Spotify Pre-save campaigns, sweepstakes support, email capture, sharing capabilities, video and a broad range of embeddable players.

  • Support for hundreds of retail links and application modules
  • Get real-time analytics and reports on campaign performance
  • Come with built-in support for Pre-Save for Spotify campaigns
  • Encourage sharing and delivery app functionality to generate viral activity
  • Our cost-effective platform works with music industry budgets

Music Widget Platform

Metablocks' industry leading platforms and applications have powered tens of thousands of music industry campaigns and digital activations for both large and small music labels around the word. We continue to drive and deliver interactive campaigns for SME, UMG, WBR and BMLG, as well as Indie labels globally.

Our Music Widget platform provides clients with a set of powerful tools allows you to quickly and easily deliver retail link pages and micro-sites with application features and functionality.


Frequently asked question about our Music and Book Widget Platform.

What is a Music Widget?

A music or book widget is simple, easy to build, microsite that allows music labels, artists, book publishers and even service providers to create attractive retail link and marketing landing pages used to promote music, books and other products or services. Our music and book widgets support all common retail links but also include advanced features and functionality such as sharing, social links and even application level services such as Spotify Pre-save campaigns, sweepstakes support, email capture, video and a broad range of embeddable players.

Can I use your widgets to promote something other than music?

Yes, in addition to record labels and music artists, our clients include book publishers, authors, podcasters, film producers and marketers who use widgets to help promote their digital or physical products and services.

How do I go about setting up an account on your platform?

Simply contact us if you would like to beta test or sign up for our widget platform.

Is this a self-service or full-service offering?

Both. Although most of client use our widget platform in a self-service fashion that allows them to log in, create, manage and monitor their own widgets at any time, other clients prefer to have our internal team of widget experts manage all aspects of widget production and management.

How much do widgets typically cost?

Most of clients use our platform on a monthly subscription. Some music labels have pre-existing agreements that allow their employees or division to use the platform at no additional cost. There are also special programs in place for non-profit organization. Please contact us for pricing information and details.

Does your platform support retail link pages?

Yes, you can use Music and Book Widgets to quickly create an attractive retail link landing page.

Can I include a Pre-Save to Spotify option in my widget?

Yes, widgets support both internal (built-in) and external (links) support for Pre-Save to Spotify campaigns. Please contact our support team to enable Pre-Save functionality in your widgets.

How long does it take to setup a widget?

We can typically setup a widget in less than a couple of minutes. We also have powerful importing tools that allow you to pull in existing links from other services such as SmartURL, Linkfire and Toneden.

What differentiates your platform from competitive offerings?

Other retail link page products are good for just one thing...simple retail link pages, and lack most of the customization capabilities (such as themes, backgrounds, dynamic backgrounds and video) and advanced services and applications found on our platform.

Our Clients and Partners

Metablocks is the leading provider of digital and social media campaigns and activations to the music and entertainment industry with hundreds of clients than that span the globe.

The Power the Widget Platform

Here are some of the benefits of launching your music and book widgets on our platform

Flexible Branding Options

We do not believe in 'one size fits them all', that's why we provided branded and customized options that allow you to create attractive, branded widgets.

Mobile First and Friendly

Our platform is optimized for a broad range of mobile devices including iPhone and Androids. Your fans are always on the mobile so your widgets have to be responsive.

Self-Service or Full-Service

Get an account to create widget ASAP or send us your links and requirements to have our team set them up. In either case, you have access to make changes and view reports.

Globalized and Localized

Our Music and Book Widgets are available in English as well as in most Western European languages. Chinese and Japanese versions are also available.

Highly Customizable

Our widget provides advanced plug-in modules and links and we are constantly growing our list of modules. Bring us your ideas and we'll probably be able to implement them.

Music Industry Experience

We've powered campaigns for some of the largest artists on the planet. Our platform brings with it that wealth of experience and knowledge needed to make your widgets and retail pages a success.

Music and Book Widget Examples

Here are some of our recent Music and Book Widgets.

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