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ID Link/Module Description Actions
42 Link: 7Digital Retail link to 7Digital. Details   
4 Link: Amazon: Download Retail link to Amazon (Physical purchase). Details    Example
65 Link: Amazon: Mp3 Retail link to Amazon Mp3 (Digital purchase). Details   
89 Link: Amazon: Music Unlimited Link to stream music on Amazon Music Unlimited. Details   
13 Link: Amazon: Purchase Retail link to (Digital purchase). Details    Example
10 Link: Apple iBooks Retail link to Apple iBooks. Details    Example
2 Link: Apple iTunes Retail link to iTunes download. Details    Example
76 Link: Apple iTunes - Podcast Subscribe link to iTunes podcast. Details   
3 Link: Apple Music Retail link to Apple Music stream. Details    Example
114 Link: Apple Music (Pre-Add) Link to Apple Music Pre-Add Details   
116 Link: Apple Pre-Save (Link) Link out to an existing external pre-save... Details   
11 Link: Audible Retail link to Details    Example
12 Link: BAM Retail link to Books-A-Million. Details    Example
57 Link: Bandcamp Link to BandCamp. Details   
14 Link: Barnes & Noble Retail link to Barnes & Noble. Details    Example
8 Link: Beatport Retail link to Beatport. Details   
95 Link: Retail link to Benelux retailer Details   
15 Link: Booktopia Retail link to Booktopia. Details   
17 Link: Bookworld Retail link to Angus Robertson. Details   
108 Widget: Call Phone Tell user to call your phone number. Details   
94 Link: CDon Link to Scandinavian retailer CDon Details   
49 Link: Christian Book Retail link to Christian Book. Details   
50 Link: Church Source Retail link to Church Source. Details   
113 Link: Claro Link to Claro Stream. Details   
51 Widget: Connect Artist or brand socials for users to connect with Details    Example
67 Widget: Countdown Countdown to launch or availability date. Details   
79 Widget: Custom Button/Link Customizeable link module. Details   
5 Link: Deezer Retail link to Deezer. Details    Example
117 Link: Deezer Pre-Save (Link) Link out to an existing external pre-save... Details   
64 Widget: Download Allows users to download a PDF or file in exchange... Details   
101 Widget: Download (Ebook) Make an ebook available for download in return for... Details   
91 Widget: Download (Secure via AWS S3) Allows users to download a secure PDF or file from... Details   
105 Widget: Download (Webhook Support) Allows users to download a PDF or file in exchange... Details   
18 Link: Dymocks Retail link to Dymocks. Details   
19 Link: Facebook Link to Official Facebook Page. Details   
96 Link: FNAC Retail link to FNAC. Details   
6 Link: Google Play: Purchase Retail link to Google Play. Details    Example
90 Link: Google Play: Stream Link to stream song on Google Play. Details    Example
31 Link: Google Plus Link to Official Google Plus Page. Details   
34 Link: Groove Music Retail link to Groove Music. Details    Example
78 Widget: HTML Enter some HTML. Details   
27 Link: Instagram Link to Official Instagram Account. Details   
106 Widget: Instagram: Follow Account Allows users to follow your account on Instagram. Details   
39 Link: Juno Download Link to Details   
16 Link: Kobo Retail link to Kobo. Details   
48 Link: LifeWay Retail link to LifeWay. Details   
83 Widget: Mark as Complete Let user mark task or widget as complete and... Details   
41 Link: Microsoft Store Retail link to Microsoft Store. Details   
66 Widget: More Add more 2nd level modules. Details   
104 Widget: MP3 Player Play an MP3 file Details   
37 Link: Napster Retail link to Napster. Details    Example
63 Widget: Newsletter Collect email address. Details    Example
46 Link: Official Store Retail link to official store. Details   
111 Link: Pandora Retail link to Pandora. Details   
69 Widget: Photobooth Allows you to integrate a photobooth in your... Details    Example
68 Widget: Picture/Image Allows you to use a picture as a module. Details    Example
110 Widget: Player: Apple Music Allows users to add a Apple player. Details   
77 Widget: Player: Soundcloud Embed a Soundcloud player as a module. Details   
61 Widget: Player: Spotify Allows users to add a Spotify player. Details    Example
93 Widget: Player: Tidal Allows users to add a Tidal player. Details   
85 Widget: Player: Vimeo Vimeo player. Details   
81 Widget: Player: YouTube Embed a YouTube player as a module. Details    Example
97 Link: Pledge Music Retail link to Pledge Music. Details   
60 Widget: Preference Allows user to save their preference. Details   
38 Link: Prime Music Retail link to Amazon Prime Music. Details   
82 Widget: Quotes Slide with quotes or testimonials. Details    Example
58 Link: rdio Link to Rdio stream. Details   
45 Widget: Share Facebook and Twitter share buttons. Details    Example
80 Link: Slacker Radio Link to Slacker Radio. Details   
84 Widget: Slideshow Image slideshow. Details    Example
102 Widget: SMS Opt-in Allow users to opt-in to mobile updates. Details   
103 Widget: SMS Opt-in (Full) Allow users to opt-in to mobile updates. Details   
9 Link: Soundcloud Link to Soundcloud audio track or playlist. Details    Example
1 Link: Spotify (Link) Link to Spotify Stream. Details    Example
109 Widget: Spotify Code Add a Spotify Code to your widget. Details   
44 Widget: Spotify Pre-Save (Built-in) Use the widget's built-in Pre-Save... Details   
74 Link: Spotify Pre-Save (Link) Link out to an existing external pre-save... Details   
98 Widget: Spotify: Follow Artist Follow artist on Spotify. Details   
112 Widget: Spotify: Follow Artist and Save Music Follows artist and save an album as a playlist... Details   
99 Widget: Spotify: Follow Playlist Follow playlist on Spotify. Details   
115 Link: Spotify: Follow via External Link Follow functionality using a link to the... Details    Example
100 Widget: Spotify: Save Album or Single Save an album as a playlist, add album and... Details   
75 Link: Stitcher Subscribe link to Stitcher. Details    Example
87 Widget: Sweepstakes Setup sweepstakes. Details    Example
88 Widget: Sweepstakes (Photo Upload) Setup sweepstakes. Details    Example
56 Link: Target Retail link to Target. Details   
59 Widget: Text Enter some text. Details   
35 Link: Tidal Retail link to Tidal. Details    Example
118 Link: Tidal Pre-Save (Link) Link out to an existing external pre-save... Details   
72 Widget: Tour / Events Allows you to include information upon... Details   
55 Widget: Tracking Enter tracking code. Details   
40 Link: Traxsource Download link from Details   
26 Link: Tumblr Link to Official Tumblr Page. Details   
20 Link: Twitter Link to Official Twitter Page. Details   
107 Widget: Twitter: Follow Account Allows users to follow your account on Twitter. Details   
86 Widget: Upload: File or Photo Upload photo or file. Details   
54 Link: Vevo Link to Vevo video. Details   
47 Link: Walmart Retail link to Walmart. Details   
33 Link: Wimp Link to Wimp video. Details   
7 Link: YouTube Link to YouTube video. Details    Example
25 Link: Youtube Link to Official YouTube Channel. Details   

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